2020 JP Prone Foil CSE




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JP Prone Foil boards are the next step for those who want to develop their foil surfing to a smaller, more maneuverable board and for anyone coming from a surfing background who wants to start foiling. Although normal surfboards can work, these boards are designed specifically for foiling to give you the highest possible performance. Add wingfoiling to the scope of this model if you are already at a high level.

By creating a less compact shape, these boards still offer adequate volume and length for easy paddling and smooth starts. As a result, you will catch waves earlier than ever before. The flat tire allows for good control and the shaped rails help minimize water contact in tight turns. Compared to a SUP foil board, the exposed foil shapes have less volume, giving a uniquely lively feel. Pumping is much easier due to their shorter length and lighter weight. The narrow contour of the Prone Folie boards means you can cut tighter in turns and get lower to the water before touching and braking.

- Shaped by Werner Gnigler
- Less volume
- Narrow outline with a flat deck
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