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The Moto kite is a truly versatile kite that you can take out in all conditions and expect control and performance. The Moto kite is known for its ability to provide fast and clean response, so you experience a kite that is super maneuverable for freeride and foil.
The Moto kite can be used for all types of kitesurf freeride, wave and foil.
The 3 strut construction means that the kite is super fast on the bar, and that you have the option to turn the kite quickly. The light bar pressure and the speed of the kite mean that the Moto kite is a bit more for the experienced kitesurfer.

3 Strut construction
Heavy duty stitching, joints and closures
Nano Ripstop Canopy
Material reinforcements in exposed areas
Pure profile panels for increased aerodynamics
Responsive control for increased performance
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