2023 NEILPRYDE Mission 5/4 GBS BZ Black


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Adorn the mission - to help cool people stay warm and flexible. The new Mission combines the impossible superflex with high thermal insulation. Exceptional warmth meets freedom of movement without compromise. The Mission achieves its flexibility by consisting of the most flexible outerwear available combined with soft neoprene. In addition, the new, super-stretchable thermal insulation Hotcell 3GN is applied from the shoulders down to the knees. In this way, the new mission's flex could be increased by 10 - 15% compared to the previous Mission.

- Thickness: 5 mm on the body and 4 mm on the arms and legs
- Back Zip
- Deboss Knee Flex, provides freedom of movement and flexibility in the joint area. It also reduces clumping of material at the back of the knee.
- Aquavents
- Armortex Kneepads, very durable, abrasion resistant 4-way stretch material around the knees for more protection.
- Unlimited Flex
- GBS seams, an effective, waterproof seam created through a triple bonding process in conjunction with a blind seam that does not completely puncture the rubber.
- SCS Neck And Wrist Seal
- Hotcell 3GN
- EFX Expansion Panel, allows the suit's forearm to expand as blood flow to the forearms increases. Wetsuits with tight underarms restrict blood flow, causing your hands and forearms to cramp as lactic acid builds up.