2022 SURFTECH Mini DC DualCore FCS II



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The MINI / Dual-Core offers an ultra relaxed rocker, wide nose, thinned rails and aggressive single to double concave with vee out the tail. The round tail will give the MINI great rail-to-rail transitions for a fun and responsive board. Coupled with the Fusion Dual-Core technology, the MINI incorporates all the speed and wave catching ability of a traditional construction with added float and a smoother response.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'5'' 19.8'' 2.4'' 29.7L
5'7'' 20'' 2.4'' 31.8L
5'9'' 20.3'' 2.5'' 34.1L
5'11'' 20.5'' 2.7'' 38.8L
6'1'' 21'' 2.9'' 42.9L
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