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JP's fastest foil board is now available in smaller sizes to cover the ever growing range of pure foil racing!
Four additional sizes expand the collection of the existing and well-tested HydroFoil Slalom board. The new additions are narrower with less volume to match the new, smaller sail and foil sizes and their use in higher winds.

All HydroFoil Slaloms are compact, minimizing swing weight and improving top end control. The defined and sharp rails ensure an early take-off - they become slimmer the smaller the board is. The wide tails provide sufficient leverage over the foil, which is a key factor for going fast and maximizing control. The comfortable tire shape guarantees a relaxed ride, so the surfer can focus on surfing faster and faster.

In 2022, the HydroFoil Slalom had the lowest volume of all 91 cm wide performance foil designs. Nevertheless, it soon became apparent that the rapid development in performance foiling with smaller sails and smaller foils also required smaller boards. Compared to fin slalom sailing, foiling became more than just competitive: Already in the first year of PWA competitions in strong winds, the foil board dominated the rankings.
Therefore they developed 4 new shapes to cover all race conditions, not only PWA Slalom but also long distance events like the famous DEFI.
The 91 is still up-to-date, super fast and efficient and now covers the light wind side of foiling. The new sizes are based on the shape principles of this board and Shaper Werner Gnigler has set each size according to its application area in higher winds.

Details of the shape
All these boards are compact. Their shortness minimizes swing weight and improves top-end control.

The 91 is equipped with a relatively high volume to be able to float quickly.

Sharp rails along the entire board provide maximum lift and efficiency. They powerfully push the board up and thus ensure an early start in light winds. Along with the reduced thicknesses on the smaller boards, the rails also become proportionally thinner.

The wider tail provides more lift above the foil, which is a key factor in going fast and still maintaining control despite all those huge forces. This is important when trying to find the best compromise between a comfortable position and efficient force distribution against the foil. The 91 has the widest tail and the tail width on the smaller boards is not only scaled down, but becomes proportionally narrower so the rider stands more above the foil.

A tiny but super effective detail of tuning and one of the main advantages of Werner's shapes: The super comfortable deck shape guarantees a relaxed ride so the surfer can push and focus on surfing faster and faster.

All boards have the proven concave deck that reduces swing weight and comes with an extra recess for the deck box, lowering the pivot point of the mast base. As a result, the sail foot closes the gap between the board and the sail, providing ultimate efficiency as well as additional control when pushing the limits and under the jib.

When foiling, the cutouts have two main functions: to reduce volume in the tail and to reduce drag.
The reduced tail volume allows the rider to sink the tail when pumping to fill up the foil for instant take off. The 91 comes with the unchanged double cutouts, which significantly reduces volume, allowing the rider to push the wide tail down to get onto the foil.
The other four boards have distinctly different single cutouts, individually shaped for each board's intended use in higher winds. In the smaller sizes they extend much further forward than in any of our previous models, ending before the front foot strap position. On occasional touchdowns, these far forward cut-outs significantly reduce the wetted area, resulting in exponentially less drag – imperative and crucial as surfers sail at much higher speeds.

Length Width Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 8%) Fin Box Recommended Sail Size Ideal Sail Size
6'11" 30.7" 130 7.4 Foil-Tuttlebox >6.5 >7.0
6'11" 30.7" 140 7.8 Foil-Tuttlebox >6.5 >7.0
6'11" 30.7" 145 8 Foil-Tuttlebox >6.5 >7.0
6'11" 30.7" 150 8.2 Foil-Tuttlebox >6.5 >7.0
6'11" 30.7" 180 8.8 Foil-Tuttlebox >6.5 >7.0