2023 NSP Airwing Fireball




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The NSP Airwing is the result of tons of prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing. The NSP R&D process refined the contours, geometries and foil profiles to deliver a ride that is smooth and stable. The wing has a stable, low-aspect shape, balanced with moderate dihedral angles. This increases performance and your wind range, plus it helps keep the wingtips clear of the water.

Shape details
A refined shape design for balanced power and efficiency
Leading profile and dihedral shape deliver efficient twist dynamics
Oversized and segmented leading edge for stiffness (10 segments on 6m² and 5m² & 8 on 4m² and 3m²)
Tapered wingtips help twist, reduce swing weight and wind .
The front tips are reinforced with a lightweight and durable PVC wear patch, while the tips of the NSP Airwing are protected by longer wear strips and reinforced TPU wear pads on the corners.
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