2023 NSP SUP Foil Pro




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SUP Foil Pro Design:
Sufficient buoyancy and stability to be comfortable when not on the foil.
Early planning form and efficient tail exit require minimal effort to lift up and fly. It provides better under foiling bottom end efficiency for paddling and wing foiling.
Directional efficiency when you are off the foil so that all applied forces (be it a paddle stroke or a kite pump) are converted into forward motion.
The front board shape is designed to avoid any sticking effect when you touch the water surface, allowing the board to immediately return to flight mode.
The volume distribution is designed to reduce the swing weight of the board when you are on the foil. This allows for faster turns and gibe movements.
Thermoformed EVA deck pad with pronounced kick hall and side gussets.
Twin track foil tuning guide.
Multi-positioning feed inserts in the middle of the deck and tail.

The NSP SUP Foil Pro boards behave balanced when "on foil" with a very low swing weight. The front base and rail shape is designed to maintain speed during accidental touches while delivering a smooth recovery.

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight (+/- 5%)
5'6" 24" 5" 86.6 Liters 5.71 Kg
5'10" 25" 5 ¹/⁸" 96.0 Liters 6.21 Kg
6'2" 25" 5 ¹/⁸" 101.0 Liters 6.38 Kg
6'6" 27" 5" 112.0 Liters 6.87 Kg
6'10" 28" 4 ⁷/⁸" 125.0 Liters 7.43 Kg
7'2" 29" 4 ¹⁵/¹⁶" 136.8 Liters 7.69 Kg
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