Carved from the Nordic rock and timber, Bliz protective sports gear embodies the best of Scandinavian thinking and craftsmanship. Unmatched durability, minimalistic design, and proven quality. Made to withstand the harsh Nordic climate and ready to take on every challenge.

Bliz delivers maximum function and usability, all while keeping you safe and protected. By working together with top athletes, we are confident about the end product. Designed by active people, for active people.

Bliz protective sports gear is for the riders, the runners, and the skiers. It’s eyewear, helmets, and protectors for the people with the wind in their hair, dirt on their face, and sweat in their eyes. You whoose an activity. We’ve got you covered.


Clean and minimalistic design which is at the cutting edge in function, technology and appearance. Carefully developed, quality-assured products which meet the necessary standards and requirements.

All Bliz products are designed with high technical standards. The product’s functionality and the accessories available combine to provide excellent versatility and flexibility for a variety of sports and weather conditions.

Bliz advantageous pricing, along with the functionality of the products and the accessories which are included in the price or can be purchased separately, provide unbeatable value for you as a consumer.


Wherever you go, they go. Hero is the pair of glasses that works with everything. Tough enough to keep you safe and your vision clear in the sport of your choice, with looks that are cool enough to stay on all day. The Hydro Lens Technology means that you always have clear vision, no matter the weather.



Advanced, yet easy to use. Equally versatile and reliable. That’s Breeze. A lightweight model that’s a great friend for any adventure, with specs to match the best. If you’re looking for one pair for you many needs, Breeze might be a good fit. Interchangeable lens, removable Top Bar and a choice to use the head band instead. Breeze is a perfect choice for anyone with many interests and a busy schedule.