How to choose your Boots?

The best way to choose your snowboard boots isn't by just finding the pair with the best design - unlike everyday trainers and sneakers there is a wide range of snowboard boots suited to different foot shapes and rinding styles. There are different snowboard boots for freestyle, backcountry, splitboarding and all-mountain resort snowboarding, as well as models better suited for beginner and experienced snowboarders.

The most important thing to consider whilst choosing snowboard boots is fit. The best way to do this is to visit a shop with an experienced boot fitter, but if this isn't possible you can find a printable template on our product pages which will help you choose the right size snowboard boot for you.

Every boot has a flex or stiffness rating, with a higher number usually indicating a stiffer boot. It is recommended that beginner riders choose a softer, more flexible boot as it’s more comfortable and forgiving. Riders who spend most of their time in the park hitting jumps and rails generally also prefer a softer boot as it makes tweaking their board easier, and bad landings mellower.

Riders who like carving and freeriding tend to prefer stiffer boots, as they give more precision, support and response when needed. If you’re not sure, a mid-stiff boot is usually the best choice for riders looking for an all-mountain or resort-friendly snowboard boot.

Taller, heavier riders will also appreciate a stiffer boot even if they are just starting out, as it will give them the right amount of support. Likewise, shorter or lighter riders might favour a softer flex, regardless of ability.