How to repair your snowboard?

Want to know the best way to repair a snowboard base? We’ll show you an easy way to fix your snowboard base with using a ptex candle. We recommend using p-tex candles to fix snowboard bases if you have hit a rock with your snowboard, if you need to fix rail damage (edge damage) or if you have scratches in your snowboard base.

We set out to show how to easily fill gouges in a snowboard near the edges or in the middle of the snowboard, without using epoxy. It’s easy to find a snowboard repair kit and in this short video, snowboard pro Dave Crozier lays out the best way to fix base impacts as part of a regular snowboard service. Dave will use a wire brush and a metal scraper to get a great finish to this basic snowboard base weld. If you want to know how you resurface the bottom of a snowboard, you’re in the right place for snowboard servicing tips.

Snowboard core shots are a fact of life wherever you ride and we set out to provide the easiest and quickest way to fix your base using basic household tools. The goal is to help you perform snowboard base repairs at home. But to fix big impacts in your snowboard’s base, you’ll need to head to the repair shop; check out our Dealer Locator for your best options for snowboard repair.