2021 JP Freestyle Wave ES



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The compact versions of JP's bestsellers have the potential to fulfill every windsurfer's dreams, as they combine the qualities of a classic medium to high wind all-rounder, retaining the benefits of the compact, versatile design. This means that this board is JP's fastest, liveliest and most maneuverable water toy. They accelerate in the flats, fly over the chop and chop into wave faces. Regardless of the conditions, you simply get the best time on the water.

- High wind bump & jump and freeride board
- Wide range of applications including freeriding, wave, freestyle and now foil too!
- Boxes for thruster and single fin settings
- Parabolic rails
- Foot strap with scale for easy adjustment to the size of the foot
- LXT: Foil approved fine box (Powerbox)