2022 JP Freestyle Wave ES




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The hunt for versatility stops right here! JP has always been among the true classics in the Freestyle Wave class because they are super balanced and incredibly fun in many possible wind and water areas. This latest generation of all water boards is no exception, providing a compact feel and quick response in maneuvers. As an added pleasure, they not only sail faster, but at the same time feel more comfortable than all their predecessors. Combining the core virtues that almost every windsurfer is looking for, they really tick all the boxes that an all water board should be able to do!

The requirements for Werner Gnigler's new shapes were not extensive, they were as simple as it gets: Just make them better without sacrificing any segment. A very difficult task when asked to improve their already market-leading all-rounders, but with the development of the Magic Wave in their pocket, their shaper already had a pretty clear idea of ​​what to do. Werner: “I planned to keep the documented proportions of width, length and volume, as they are the key to the overall lightness and let JP offer the perfect balance between all disciplines. The biggest change I had in mind was that I wanted to rework the lower curve..."

The slim contour in the nose area gives the feeling of lightness. The centered swing weight further enhances the compact feel and great responsiveness in maneuvers.
In the middle section, the outline is parallel, which creates a large surface for early planing and stability.
The narrow tail, just wide enough for good planing, allows you to maintain control during fast runs over choppy water and – together with the thin rails – bites hard in high-speed carving turns and small waves without getting stuck.

The tire shape creates a comfortable stance for all foot strap positions, providing perfect board control and excellent responsiveness. The outer strap position matches best with a single fin setup and offers the best freeride solution. Alternatively, the thruster fin box set up in combination with the inboard strap option is the perfect tuning for maximum manoeuvrability.

Model Length Width Volume (L) Weight in KG (+/-8%) Finds Fin Box Recommended Sail Sizes
Freestyle Wave 94 230 61 94 7,3 Freestyle Wave 27

1x Powerbox + 2x MiniTuttle

Freestyle Wave 104 233 63 104 7,6 Freestyle Wave 29 1x Powerbox + 2x MiniTuttle 4.7-6.9
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