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Control and top speed - that's what it's all about when you want to be on the podium. The three slalom boards – 62.5, 72 and 85 – are designed for blasting at PWA competition speed. Also, lighter surfers will remain in control even when completely overpowered, allowing them to get up to top speed. The 85 provides great planing power in light conditions. And the smallest 55 has proven its qualities on speed slalom courses such as Defi Wind.

In designing this line, their focus was to increase average speed across the race course, with particular attention to gybing, where some of the biggest gains can be made during a race. Here the goal was to maintain speed throughout the turn and to get out faster.

The 3 larger shapes provide an improved, more locked and stable driving position. Far less effort is required to reach and maintain top speed, and all of them provide great early planing power and a wide range of use. The tails on these boards are wide and provide plenty of lift towards the fin resulting in more power and control.

The smooth tire shape guarantees a super comfortable position. The surfer conserves energy to push his limits on longer runs.
All sizes have an extra cushion wedge between the tail straps for a more connected feel.

Each size has a unique tail cut to find the perfect blend to provide more control.

From the center of the board towards the nose, JP lifted the tip of the rail. That way we got some volume in the rail, which helps to get out of the jibes with speed.

In addition to the concave tire shape, JP used an additional recess for the tire box. The mast bottom fulcrum drops and provides additional control when pushing the limits and under the jib. "Close the gap": The lowered sail foot creates the most efficient air flow.

The first cut-outs on the 72 and 85 start much further forward and the curve of the cutouts increases towards the tail. The tail has been redesigned for a smoother water flow around the fin to provide stable fin pressure for permanent power and top speed. The 72 is finished with a wider internal cut for more stability and the 85 with a more pointed finish for extra clearance. The 62.5's different cut starts closer to the fin and provides more stability in strong winds. Behind the fin, JP reduced the surface area for perfect water release.

Model Length Width Volume (L) Weight in KG (+/-8%) Finding Nice Box Ideal Sail Sizes
Slalom Pro 85 228 85 139 7.7 - Foil-Tuttlebox >8.6