2022 JP Super Ride LXT



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Positioned right in the center of the popular freeride class, these boards are simply fantastic all-rounders. With these shapes, any surfer can easily reach high speeds even when not fully powered. Additionally, this board has control in abundance, therefore they ignore chop and their performance seems to have no limits when the conditions get tough. Hassle-free freeride performance for everyone: they're fun to sail and a joy to gybe. What they provide is simply a Super Ride!

WindSurfing magazine gave its verdict, "...unerring riding comfort, a versatility to adapt to the rider's abilities and truly accessible performance..." What more could any freerider want?

And 'accessible performance' is what sets this board apart from other freeride boards: the combination of user-friendliness is inextricably linked with performance in all aspects of freeriding. So it is really fast and at the same time easy to control. In fact, it will be faster than the Super Sport for any rider who doesn't want to sail overpowered or doesn't have the ability or physical strength to wind down big sails and commit to a locked position.
The slim hull contributes to the board's smoothness - whether on downwind runs at top pace or in high-speed manoeuvres. Being narrower throughout than the Super Sport, especially in the tail, makes it easier to rail the board and carve through high-speed gybes. When the rail is pushed harder, it bites more aggressively, adapting the radius to the rider's changing demands.
This is also the main difference from the Magic Ride: the Super Ride is faster – comfortably – and the narrower shape makes it feel stifling when cutting into waves at higher speeds.

Model Length Width Volume (L) Weight in KG (+/-8%) Finding Nice Box Recommended Sail Sizes Ideal Sail Sizes
Super Ride 102 232 63 102 6.8 Ride 34 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox 4.7-7.2 5.0-6.7
Super Ride 124 238 72 124 7.6 Ride 40 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox 5.4-8.5 5.7-8.0
Super Ride 139 244 76 139 8.3 Ride 42 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox 5.5-8.8 6.0-8.0