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Balancing lightness and control, the number of battens and their placement are individually adapted to each sail size and to the area of ​​use. The smaller sails come with only one full batten to keep weight low, to catch light winds easily and to deliver power evenly. The bigger the sail, the more battens it has to increase control. The largest sizes come with four full and two short battens for a more stable profile and also have a moderately loose leech, which allows the sail to perform even when the wind picks up a bit.

The Vision rig is efficient and durable with a full Dacron® cloth with PVC window, which is light, strong, UV resistant and very durable for everyday use. This qualifies it for the toughest test – use in windsurfing centres! The soft sail material provides good feedback for beginners and is at the same time very forgiving. Children can easily hold the reduced diameter boom, and the 2-color handle helps distinguish between port and starboard.