2023 NEILPRYDE Serene 5/4 BZ Black


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The Serene wetsuit is one of Neilpryde's bestsellers, and for good reason. This Serene model can be used for a wide range of activities on the water, everything from kitesurfing to SUP, where it embraces your needs as an exerciser in its own way.
The suit is made with Yamamoto Neoprene, which gives a clear win win effect on the environment and your experience on the water. Yamamoto Neoprene is extracted from limestone, which creates a completely unique cell structure in the neoprene. This means that it sits closer to the body, thereby providing maximum heat generation and buoyancy. Since this type of neoprene is made from limestone, and not oil-based like most other types of neoprene, there is an environmental advantage to using Yamamoto neoprene.
The outer layer of the neoprene is produced to give a silky soft feel, to which extra spandex has been added to give even greater flexibility in the wetsuit than before. The Hotcell 2 technology from Neilpryde provides a fast-drying polypropylene insulation due to the unique cellular structure. This causes the membrane to collect a layer of warm water close to the skin, which helps to keep the body's core temperature up.
The Serene suit is intended for the colder days in the water at temperatures between 6-12 degrees. The thickness of the suit makes it a good match if you want to be active in the colder months of the year.

- Thickness: 5mm on the body and 4mm on the arms and legs.
- Yamamoto Neoprene
- Back Zip
- Apex-Plus
- Hotcell 2
- GBS Seams
- Apex Mesh
- Infrared zipper
- Armortex knee pads
- Deboss Knee Flex
- Aquavents
- Detachable Ankle Cinches
- E3 Entry Bib
- E3 Velcro Attachment
- ZIP Puller Velcro Attachment