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Social Light from NUU is an all-round board that works in e.g. Scandinavian conditions, as it easily comes with the wave. The board is for you who are beginners or experts and want a maneuverable performance board you can develop on. The construction is the same for all NUU surfboards. All boards are built around an EPS lightweight core. This is reinforced with stringer and laminated with fiberglass and epoxy. This type of board construction is known as being both more robust, more durable and more environmentally friendly compared to Polyester boards. Social Light has an outline similar to an "Egg with pintail, and a Mid Widepoint, which gives the board a large "sweet-spot" and good manoeuvrability. Flat entry rocker makes it easy to get with the waves and keep speed on the board.

In general, an all-round board with huge potential. We recommend that you experiment with both stands and choice of fins for ultimate potential.

- Core: EPS 36g
- Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 4 oz. / 4 oz Patch
- Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 4 oz. Finpatch
- Stringer: 6mm
- Level: beginner to expert

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
7'6'' 22 3/4'' 2 11/16'' 48.1
8'0'' 22'' 2 15/16'' 57.7