2022 NSP NUU Whistlepunk



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NUU Whistlepunk 9'6” Whistlepunk is NUU's answer to a classic longboard. The board is surfed as a single fin, and has a flat rocker profile. The big advantage of the flat rocker profile is that the board plans better on the water surface. You can thus paddle quickly and easily catch and ride the waves. Ideal for nose-riding in soft and slow-breaking waves. The construction is the same for all NUU surfboards. All boards are built around an EPS lightweight core. This is reinforced with stringer and laminated with fiberglass and epoxy. This type of board construction is known as being both more robust, more durable and more environmentally friendly compared to Polyester boards. 

Details: - Core: EPS 36g - Layup Deck: 6 oz. + 6 oz. / 4 oz Patch

- Layup Bottom: 6 oz. + 4 oz. Finpatch
- Stringer: 12mm
- Level: beginner to expert
- Single fin