2022 NSP Soft Flatwater SUP



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A really good board for you who need a board that both glides nicely in the water but at the same time has a nice EVA surface which makes it both incredibly durable but also very safe to ride on, the board is also reinforced along the edges. The shape of the board makes it suitable for flat water such as lakes and streams, where it can be used for everything from exercise, longer trips as well as for fun and relaxation. The board is equipped with straps in the tail and nose, for easy transport when you go out with your SUP partner.

Who is the product intended for?
The board is perfect for those of you who may live near water and need a robust board that can be used by everyone, from rent to exercise and trips. The board is also used with great success by several clubs and rentals.

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight (+/- 5%)
11'0'' 30'' 6 ⁵/⁸" 235.5 liters 12.71 Kg