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JP's HydroFoils were one of the very first specialized boards for foiling and it was a trendsetter right from the start of the foil revolution. The overall scope and all-round appeal of the first two generations made them extremely popular and successful in the market. These two third-generation models can best be summed up as user-friendly scaled-down versions of the 'HF Slalom 91' model. The updates made them more accessible and easy to control and fly. As they are super comfortable to ride, they are also efficient and fast. The 133 and 155 represent JP's most balanced blend of ease of use combined with top foil performance. They are so easy to ride and control that in 2022 the pros were sailing them in competitions when the conditions got rough.

The predecessors were already great and only full-on race designs challenged their performance. But the success and improved feel of the latest edition of JP's performance foil race boards was undeniable, and designer Werner Gnigler wanted to transfer those benefits to the recreational foil class and get rid of all the redundant volume and width. As a result, HydroFoils are super comfortable and easy to sail. In fact, their lightness is the key to their success and the basis of the incredible speed. Compare it to regular windsurfing, there is the same connection between the pure performance and the freerace class: once slalom boards become significantly better or faster, these advantages are transferred to the Super Sport forms.

Shaper Werner Gnigler says: “We remained true to our concept, offering a pure foil board. I kept my focus on making fast foiling easy and accessible, but still extremely exciting. Hence, I improved stability, comfort and control because – once airborne – these are the prerequisites for a fast run on all tracks.”

Length Width Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 8%) Nice Box Recommended Sail Size Ideal Sail Size
7'1'' 33.1''' 133 9.6 Foil-Tuttlebox 4.5-8.6 5.5-8.0
7'1" 35.0" 155 10.1 Foil-Tuttlebox 5.0-9.6 6.0-9.0