2023 JP Magic Ride ES



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Fantastic board that does everything you can expect from a freeride board - and they do it exceptionally well and exceptionally easy! They feel playful and small, and they sit high on the water and deliver the lively and sporty feeling that makes windsurfing so exciting. They are fast, yet super easy to sail and control. These wide and thin boards like to plan early. Their potential impresses surfers of all levels!

Since its inception, this line has been a magical blend of everything an advanced surfer wants from their funboard. While the originals focused on lightness, the second generation proved more agile and lively. The shapes of this 3rd generation have significantly improved control at speed and through the chop, resulting in a sporty and energetic character that is incredibly easy to handle.
Therefore, these boards are surfed smoothly and quickly. They jibe willingly and carve easily into and through turns. They surprise to be JP's most playful and maneuver-oriented freeride boards. The magic of these boards pushes performance and fun to the next level.

Length Width Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 8%) Fin Nice Box Recommended Sail Size Ideal Sail Size
7'11'' 27.6'' 109 8.3 Ride 36 Powerbox 4.7-7.5 5.0-7.0
7'11" 29.1" 119 8.6 Ride 38 Powerbox 5.0-8.0 5.5-7.5
8'0" 30.3" 129 9.1 Ride 40 Powerbox 5.5-8.5 6.0-8.0
8'2" 31.5" 139 9.4 Ride 44 Powerbox 5.7-9.0 6.2-8.5
8'3" 32.7" 149 9.7 Ride 48 Powerbox >6.0 6.4-9.5
8'4" 32.7" 159 10.3 Ride 52 Powerbox >6.2 >6.6