2023 JP Super Sport LXT




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Sticking to their proven formula of offering easy handling at incredible speed, these free-race shapes are more comfortable and easier to sail than ever before. They release early, accelerate incredibly fast and fly freely over the flat water and carve alike. The comfortable position will give you the confidence to push the board and surf as fast as possible. Because of their increased control, they offer higher top speeds than World Cup slalom boards for the recreational sailor. Easier than ever to rail up and cut into powerful and dynamic jibes. Overall, they are JP's fastest and most entertaining free-race boards ever!

Length Width Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 6%) Fin Nice Box Recommended Sail Size Ideal Sail Size
7'8" 27.6" 111 7.2 Slalom 40 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox 5.0-8.2 5.7-7.7
7'8" 29.9" 122 7.8 Slalom 44 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox 6.2-9.0 6.7-8.2
7'8" 32.3" 133 8.2 Slalom 48 G10 CNC Foil-Tuttlebox >6.7 7.2-9.0
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