2023 NSP Endless Surf PU FTU




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ndless PU er et longboard fyldt med liv. Boardet passer perfekt til surferen der søger en klassisk stil med et Endless glide.

Rail: Medium
Bottom: Concave into Flat
Ideal Waves: 1-6ft
Level: Beginner-Expert

The Endless represents the classic era of surfing and is designed for the purest longboarder seeking that endless glide and to express themselves in that soulful style.

Neutral egg-shaped rails with no edges at the tail promote drag off the tail giving the freedom for nose riding and hanging 10.

The Endless models reflect shaper Kym Thompson’s proven longboard design using “V” under the rider’s trim area giving effortless rail-to-rail transitions and drop knee cutties.

The bottom shape combined with the signature tucked edge rail design delivers a positive feel and response while providing a controlled and stylish performance in small to overhead-sized waves.

A square tail releases quickly, allowing for speedy and uninhibited glide, aided by a parallel outline of the rails.

The Endless PU is built-in PU Heritage construction and is embraced worldwide by longboarders who want their boards to have a more classic and handmade feel. Note: Fiberglass surfboards have been around for over 50 years and are considered a more traditional surfboard.

Style is an essential part of longboarding culture, and with fiberglass surfboards being made from polyurethane core wrapped in glass, these boards have riding characteristics that help your style. The difference in weight allows the board to be carved easier, while the classic PU construction has a unique flex character that epoxy boards do not.

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight (+/- 5%)
9'6'' 23" 3 ¹/⁴" 74.4 Liters 7.44kg
10'0'' 23 ³/⁴" 3 ¹/²" 96 Liters 8.62kg
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