2023 Starboard Foil MILLENIUM 100



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From 5 knots to 35 knots, the Millennium delivers the ultimate in windfoil race performance. An all-new Foil Millennium, exceptionally light for its size, redefines up and downwind performance benchmarks like nothing else.


Millennium 100: We deliver a contemporary race machine in Carbon Reflex Sandwich technology;  super stable in all conditions with lower drag notably increasing both speed and angles on essential upwind and downwind tacks. Evolved from the 2022 Millennium, incorporating advanced new aerodynamics from our high speed X-15 program, significant improvements in top speed through lowered drag and improved high speed control were achieved.

The extra-large cutaways, more than double the size on the regular Formula plus the extremely short nose help the Millennium plane onto the foil and take-off in the lightest winds. Once up on the foil, the wider tail provides extra leverage and control, while the short nose allows instant reactivity to every input from the rider; maximize every gust, power consistently through lulls, fly deeper downwind and tighter upwind.

Fast times indeed. Time to race.