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They provide the superior stability and easy handling that every beginner needs! After only a few hours, everyone will be sailing back and forth. Furthermore, they are more than pure beginner boards because they can push you to the limit on a large freeride board. Therefore, they are excellent beginner and family boards that also offer potential for a more advanced surfer.

The design has a parallel outline and bottom shaped concept starting with a flat Vee to a Vee concave towards the nose.

170 combines the advantages of the previous 160 and 180 and has a very wide range of applications. It works as a beginner board for most surfers from kids, to the lighter fighting weights to sporty intermediate weights. It is still short enough to make easy turns - an important feature, the lighter surfers and the lighter wind it can be used in.

The 200 is the perfect beginner board as it is very wide and stable. It is slightly longer, which gives better tracking - an advantage for heavier beginners.

Soft on the outside, but very strong inside. Full EVA color-coded deck and a hard bottom in combination with extra reinforcements in the nose, tail and standing area, make it strong, durable and comfortable to surf on.

Length (CM) Width (CM) Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 6%) Recommended sail size Ideal sail size
260 90 170 13,1
<10.0 4.5-9.0
270 95 200 14,6
<10.0 4.5-10.0
282 100 240 16,6
<10.0 4.5-10.0