2024 JP Funster Sport EVA



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Combines the stability a beginner needs with enough sportiness to entertain an advanced rider. Unlike wide body beginner boards like Funsters, these Funster Sports have narrower and longer hulls. As soon as you master the basics of windsurfing, they lift up to a glide in light winds and instantly provide the traditional 'Funboard feel'. They are designed for a wide range of uses: play, learn, cruise, slide and have fun in a wide range of conditions. Once planed, they feel fast, agile and alive.

• Retractable board for stability and easy sailing against the wind
• Reinforced nose to prevent damage from mast impact
• Carrying straps on nose and tail.
• Full EVA deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort
• More foot strap options, from easy inboard cruising to a more sporty position further out on the rail.
• Intuitive control pad – the color-coded EVA pad acts as a guideline for easy instruction on where to place your feet

Length (CM) Width (CM) Volume (L) Weight (KG +/- 10%) Recommended sail size Ideal sail size
270 70 145 11.7
<10.0 4.5-9.0
275 75 165 12.5
<10.0 4.5-9.0
280 82.5 195 13.8
<10.0 4.5-9.0