2024 NEILPRYDE Atlas Pro HD C1



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Deep Aqua & Navy


Our favourite wave sail for onshore conditions and / or heavier sailors. Completely redesigned for 2024, the Atlas features a slightly higher aspect ratio and adjusted sail shaping to allow for smoother handling and a much lighter feel in the hands.

Pro HD construction combines the lightweight Ultra Scrim sail body featured in our Pro Fuse sails with an X-Ply centre window for an even more bullet-proof sail. Powerfuse in the tack and clew offer pro level strength to weight ratio at a more affordable price than Pro Fuse.

Drive & Acceleration

Tight leech provides power for early planing and upwind performance.

Wide Wind Range

A large tuning range that allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions, thanks to the combination of a pronounced luff curve in the boom area and a high outhaul tension that stabilizes the profile. 


Greater luff curve than the Combat and Zone to provide ultimate high wind control.

5 Batten Layout

5 batten layout to provide greater stability and lighter feeling.