2024 NEILPRYDE Fusion HD C2



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Orange/Ultra Berry


Sitting right between the Atlas and Ryde in our range, the Fusion offers excellent bump and jump performance for sailors looking for more power and flat-water performance than a dedicated wave sail but still enough maneuverability to be able to throw forward loops, back loops and gentle wave rides.

Light and stable, the Fusion is also a quick no-cam freeride sail when paired with a faster freeride board.

Wide Range Of Use

Fusion brings a balance between fast flat water blasting and maneuverability. From first time jibers to small wave loopers, the fusion has you covered

Ease of Use

Stable profile, light weight, easy rigging, water starting, jibing and jumping. Fusion is sure to get you out on the water as quickly as possible and let you enjoy every session to the full.

Fin or Foil

Equally at home on fin or foil, Fusion is also comfortable on any wave, freestyle or freeride board from the Magic Wave to the Super Sport.

5 Batten Layout

5 batten layout to provide a stable base, comfortable power and control in high wind with medium to high downhaul tension applied.

No Cams

No cams for the quickest possible rigging and easy waterstarting and gybing.