2024 NEILPRYDE Speedster C2



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Slalom racing speed without the cams. Since its inception Speedster has always been a favourite no-cam, high performance freeride sail all around the world. It’s outline is based on our RS:Racing slalom sails and it features medium-strong luff curve for stability and maximum wind range. Easier to rig, waterstart and jibe than a pure slalom sail but almost as fast, you will leave your friends in their tracks.

Slalom Without Cams

Speedster takes its outline directly from the RS:Racing series of sails and, as such, is the fastest NeilPryde sail without cams.

Ease of Use

Light-weight, stable profile and easy to rig, gybe and waterstart.

Fin or Foil

Equally at home on foil or fin, Speedster will allow you to get the most out of every session and power past your friends, no matter where you are.

7 Batten Layout

7 batten layout to provide ultimate stability, speed and control even when fully overpowered.