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The incredible ease, control, and versatility have given the Dyno a reputation as the ultimate all-rounder. Balanced volume distribution and a compact outline create a stable platform from which to progress. Whether you’re looking to master blasting control, make more gybes or venture into waves, the Dyno and its many configuration options will take you all the way.Faster rocker lines and increased volume under the foot make the Dyno super early planing and keep it charging through gusts, lulls, and planing gybes.The compact size enables real use of all that speed – the Dyno is more than capable in the air, it is a jumping machine. Aerial rotations, freestyle moves, and straight up rocket air on demand.Parallel rails are very effective at reducing drag and increasing speed, so it allows the addition of some manoeuvre enhancing tail kick. This makes the Dyno much more than a bump & jump blasting board – it can drive through turns on the rail, making the With the new outline and increased lift at the front, the Dyno becomes even more versatile. It’s able to handle steeper sections on waves without nose-diving and also catch less when hammering through nasty chop.