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EFFORTLESS PLANING WITH A LONG, FLAT BOTTOM SHAPE. AUTOMATIC JIBING WITH “JIBE HIP” OUTLINE IN STANDING AREA. CONTROLLED RIDE WITH DEEP VEE: The iconic GO boards revolutionized modern windsurfing with their wide style concept. Now, 23 years later, the latest generation of GO boards continues to assist both progressing and advanced windsurfers in taking their first steps and mastering carve jibes. The current generation GO boards boast advanced shapes, additional sizes, and innovative Starlite construction. OPTIMUM STABILITY – When not planning, the evenly distributed volume of the GO makes it easy for beginners to confidently move around on the board. EFFORTLESS PLANING – The GO 132, 142, 152, 162, and 172 all share the same shape concept as our Carve range, featuring a longer flat section that enhances early planing and allows for sustained planing even during wind lulls.JIBING – The rail curvature, starting between the front and back strap, facilitates planing jibes and enables confident blasting in stronger winds. Meanwhile, the width around the front strap and the elongated flat section ensure continuous planing out ofLOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY – The award- winning Gravity Control System from our iSonic boards significantly enhances the all-around performance of the modern GO design. The lowered center of gravity provides a more locked-in and stable feel, ready to acceler OPTIONAL CENTER FIN – The GO range offers an optional center fin (available separately) that assists in upwind sailing and provides additional stability for windsurfing beginners. Remove the center fin, insert the plug, and transform the board into a high