2024 Starboard ULTRA Carbon Reflex



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With verified improvements in both wave riding and early planing, Remi Vila’s ULTRA concept invites you to turn more over the front foot, while maintaining speed and enjoying unrestricted freedom throughout bottom and top turnsRadical Rockerline - A strong scoop starting from the center and increasing towards the nose.Narrow Body – The magic combination is the fast rocker with the narrow outline. Aggressive turns with a super adaptable radius in any situation.Swallow Tail Shape – The swallow tail shape is featured on all sizes. Compared to a rounded or pin tail it makes the board more compact and allows for tight turns. Thin Rails – Super thin rails in the tail section with a smooth transition to the center make for effortless turning and plenty of gripMono Concave – A classic mono concave nose feeds into an innovative double concave in mono concave mid section, before blending smoothly into a solidly vee’d mild double concave tail.