Best long adjustable harness lines worldwide

Hi, I am Max Wojcik, the owner of Harnessline. I have windsurfed competitively since I was 11 years old and I won my first World Title on Aloha class when I was 16. In 2019, I won my 6th World Title in Raceboard using my own windsurfing harness lines, harness, and downhaul system. Since then, I have focused on developing the best windsurfing gear available worldwide, including harness lines, harnesses, downhauls, and foil and Bic Techno board covers.

What is Harnesline?

A brand where you can find long adjustable windsurfing harness lines, harnesses and downhauls specifically designed to fit sailors on Foil, Bic Techno and Raceboard. 5 out of 5 top places in RSX in 2020 Worlds were taken by athletes using harness lines designed by Harnessline 

My Mission

As an owner of Harnessline company, my mission is to create and improve my design of adjustable windsurfing harness lines, harness, bic techno board cover and foil cover to make it the best options on the market.