Surftech was founded in 1989, born out of a desire to unite shapers and surfers by utilizing new technologies and distribution methods. This unique relationship with the world’s best shapers has always allowed Surftech to make performance-enhancing boards available to surfers of all abilities worldwide. We were the first to use advancements in technology to explore, establish, and embrace the connection between shaper and surfer. 30 years after we released Tuflite, forever changing the surf industry for the better, we’re still leading the charge for watermen everywhere.

Utilizing sustainable technology in our products, implementing innovative methods of manufacturing and distribution, and connecting shapers to watermen are all foundational to who we are as a brand. Our dedication to watersports transcends culture and age, and it offers everyone who needs a board the opportunity to pursue a life in the water.

Our dedication to the watersports community is rooted in surfing, and our special connection to the greatest shapers in the surf industry makes us a platform for craftsmen to put their artisanal abilities on display. Our unique partnerships with the world’s leading board designers offers the entire watersports community greater accessibility to a carefully curated selection of high-performance surf and stand-up paddleboards. Surftech’s dedication to connecting the world’s best shapers with the global community of surfers and paddlers is enhanced by our use of innovative technology, global distribution methods, and sustainable practices. Ultimately, we make surfing more fun, and more accessible, for anyone and everyone.

Much like our industry, our story is constantly evolving. More than anything, Surftech prides itself on being a fluid source of positive momentum. Just like the waters we call home that change and shift according to the wind and tides, so too does Surftech change to fit the needs of the surf community. Whether you’re a lifelong veteran, or a seeker just getting your feet wet, Surftech is the perfect place to find the perfect board for you.